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#01 - Introducing Islam

An introduction to basic Islamic belief and practices

by Dr. Ahmad H. Sakr, Ph.D.

I. Islam and Muslims

#02 - Concept of God in Islam

It is a known fact that every language has one or more terms that are used in reference to God and sometimes to lesser deities. This is not the case with Allah.

#03 - Prophethood in Islam

Prophethood is not unknown to heavenly revealed religions, such as Judaism and Christianity. In Islam, however, it has a special status and significance.

#04 - Life After Death

The question of whether or not there is life after death does not fall under the field of science, because science is only concerned with the classification and analysis of recorded data.

#05 - Concept of Worship in Islam

The concept of worship in Islam is misunderstood by many people, including some Muslims. Worship is commonly taken to mean performing ritualistic acts such as prayers, fasting, charity, etc.

#06 - Moral System Of Islam

Islam has laid down some universal fundamental rights for humanity as a whole, which are to be observed and respected under all circumstances.

#07 - Human Rights In Islam

Since God is the absolute and sole master of men and the universe, He is the Sovereign Lord, the Sustainer, and Nourisher, the Merciful, whose mercy enshrines all beings; and since He has given eac

#08 - Is Jesus Really God?

Without a doubt, you have often heard the claim that Jesus is God, the second person in the "Holy Trinity".

#09 - Islam As Other

Most media are primed to present Islam as a problem; I've been curious about Islam as a solution.

by Jay Kinney - Whole Earth Review

#10 - Choosing Islam - One Man's Tale

One man's journey of exploration, leading him to Islam

by Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore

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