Women's rights; women's experiences as Muslims

#13 - Who Practices Polygamy?

A historical view of polygamy and Islam's position

by Mary Ali

#21 - Women's Liberation Through Islam

The freedom women gain from Islam

by Mary Ali and Anjum Ali

#23 - The Question Of Hijab

Why do Muslim women cover their head?

by Mary Ali

My Journey to Islam

Yes, my journey did begin in the unlikely surrounds of an Afghan prison where I was being held by the Taliban

by Yvonne Ridley
Wednesday, March 05, 2003

The Draw Of Islam

Perplexed or unfulfilled by their parents' faiths, a growing number of women are becoming Muslims

by Michael Paulson, Boston Globe Staff, 5/13/2001

Was Ayesha A Six-Year-Old Bride?

The Ancient Myth Exposed

by T.O. Shanavas

What Was Ayesha's Age?

What Was The Age of Ummul Mo'mineen Ayesha (May Allah be pleased with her) When She Married To Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)?

(Courtesy of weloveallah@yahoogroups.com)

Woman's Status In Islam & Christianity

A comparison between Islam and Christianity on how the religions treat women from their religious texts.


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