Pro-Choice is the Right Choice, But…?


It makes no sense to fight over the choice of women to control their own bodies. However, women neither had choice in their own creation (or birth) nor had they the choice in the selection of their own gender. Just the way none of us had any choice in the selection of our gender, our race, our skin color, our parents, our place of birth, our mother tongue, our height, our looks, our time of birth and our intellectual level. All of the above was chosen for us for a purpose. It is our duty to find the purpose of our being brought into this world and to fulfill it.

In this life human beings have been given choices to test if we make the right choices. All choices have limitations. For example, if we agree to undergo some surgery we lose all choices once we are under anesthesia. Once we buy an air ticket and get aboard an airplane we lose our choice of destination and we have to go wherever the plane is going. Once a virgin, by her choice has entered into a sexual intercourse she has lost her choice of maintaining her virginity. Similarly, once a woman has made her choice to have sexual intercourse with a man she has surrendered her choice to her Creator of not carrying a baby and she must accept His choice. Sure, a woman must have a choice and control over her own body until she has surrendered her body to the Almighty by having sex with a man.

To have an abortion or not to have one is not the real choice. The real choice is whether or not to have sexual intercourse. Once the choice is made in favor of sexual intercourse abortion becomes murder.